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VITCHELO® Waterproof Fitness Tracker Watch with Heart Rate & Sleep Monitor - Bluetooth Fitness Trackers & Wrist Pedometer with Activity, Exercise, Health, Blood Pressure, Distance & Calorie Counter

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Accurate Health Monitoring

More than just your stylish pedometer. This workout watch gives accurate reports on the basic & most important health stats including:

  1. Blood pressure (bp)
  2. Heart rate
  3. Calorie counts regardless of your chosen type of physical activity (running, hiking, swimming, dancing, etc.)
  4. Step counter
  5. Sleep quality & duration

Wellness Reminders

Go farther than just beating your daily step goal. Be better in tune with your state of wellness by getting:

  1. Sedentary alerts
  2. Stress level reports
  3. Fatigue level reports
  4. Oximetry

Productivity Notifications – keep tabs on your daily to-dos without the distraction of your phone. Simply synch your Vitchelo Activity Tracker to your iPhone or Android Smartphone and get notified with alarms, reminders, SMS and calls as they come.

Sleek & slim design for both men & women – keep your tracker watch on 24/7 and don’t worry about it messing with your style. With its sleek & slim design, you can be sure that it will complement whatever you choose to wear at any given day.
Power-efficient with Long Battery Life – the Vitchelo fitness tracker waterproof has a mechanism that allows it to light up only at a wrist turn motion.

The rest of the time, it does its job without consuming as much charge to extend battery life. In worst cases where you are far from power source and your tracker is in its lowest battery level, trust that it will last for as much as 5 more days.

What To Remember:

  • WHILE OTHER FITNESS TRACKERS no longer work after a month of use, do not hold charge or accurately track steps, blood pressure and sleep information, or just constantly lose connectivity, the Vitchelo Fitness Tracker Watch syncs seamlessly, provides accurate distance and step counter, and hold charge longer than any other brands to help you monitor your workout, stay on target with your fitness and health goals and improve your body over time.
  • STAY ACCOUNTABLE - People with medical concerns that require their blood pressure to remain within specific ranges, and those with serious heart conditions will benefit greatly from our workout watch. Easy tracking capabilities include walking, running and cycling, as well notifications for sedentary and regular hydration. The screen, geeky and easy to read, keeps your health goals at the forefront of your attention, and no longer brush off your fitness schedule by setting an alarm reminder.
  • EVERYTHING IN ONE - Once you determine what features you need from your exercise tracker, you’re set and good to go. Besides the traditional sleep, heart rate & blood pressure monitor, it also includes a step counter pedometer for walking & tracking distance, a calorie counter to increase your chance of weight-loss success, and an oximeter that measures blood oxygene level and fatigue limits to avoid exhaustion. Restore today order in your life & stick to a healthy, self-sufficient lifestyle.
  • TAKE IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL - At Vitchelo, we want you to live a healthier, more active lifestyle. That's why we've designed this NEWLY IMPROVED waterpoof activity tracker not just to be a glorified wrist pedometer, but a reliable health fitness tracker bracelet, allowing you to track and record your most important health metrics anytime and anywhere. Take it running or swimming, set it up like a watch with vibrating alarm and share your achievements on your preferred social media network.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - Go that extra mile, achieve your fitness goals and let our brand new calorie counter watch and HR monitor fit seamlessly into your life. When you get your fitness wrist pedometer watch today, you'll be covered by our manufacturer 60-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE, plus a LIFETIME limited WARRANTY. Besides, you'll be GIVING CLEAN WATER to people in Bolivia through our strategic partnership with Agua Yaku. Watch the "Related Video Shorts" for more info, then get or gift one.

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We Care Then We Are!

Do you think you’re not spending enough quality time with family and friends? Would you like to escape the 9 to 5 grind time to time? Are you not feeling alive? If you answer YES to one or more of those 3 questions, we can help.

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That’s why we are building comfortable and easy to use solutions to solve your biggest outdoor recreation issues. You might not know where to go, how and what to pack, you might also have concerns about safety, comfortability, food, hygiene, etc. It does not matter, we have or are developing something that will absolutely make your camping and hiking experience more enjoyable.

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