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VITCHELO® Waterproof Cell Phone Case with Fingerprint

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With mobile phones costing more than many computers these days it's probably smart to protect your investment from water dirt debris and accidental drops... mostly when your hobby involves spending time around water since water ingress is the biggest killer of phones.

Want to make phone calls while relaxing in the pool without the risk of dropping your phone in the water? With this waterproof cell container, you won't have to worry as it's submersible up to 3m (10 ft).

Constructed from ABS plastic material to handle extreme conditions it protects you from the environment while being friendly to it. An easy-to-use snap clasp and lock seal system ensure full protection while the fully adjustable lanyard provides additional peace of mind.

IPX8 Certified

IPX8 certified swimmers, surfers, and scuba divers will love the versatility of this dry bag. Its incredible practicality extends to full protection from the harshest elements, including snow and even monsoon.

Keeping Your Case Waterproof

The snaps and seals in your case might wear down over time. To keep the case in tip-top shape and keep your gear dry it's important to practice a few habits.

Keep the seals clean. Check for dust or anything out of place before each time you use your waterproof case.

  • Check the seals on any doors snaps or plugs too.
  • Rinse with water after each use. If your case is exposed to salt water or chemicals like soap or chlorine rinse the case with fresh water.
  • Repeat this test at regular intervals and after major drops. Test your case sans phone inside occasionally depending on use. And repeat the test after major impacts like dropping your phone to check for damage to the seal.

What To Remember:

  • SUPPORTS TOUCH SCREEN USE - Made from a higher quality plastic the waterproof cell phone pouch is completely see-through on both sides. You can operate buttons even while underwater, our dry phone case RECOGNIZES YOUR FINGERPRINT to unlock your iPhone 7 and 7 PLUS not like other lesser quality dry bag that does not support Touch ID.
  • BUDGET FRIENDLY & HIGH QUALITY - Protect your high dollar investment with a low dollar purchase. The IPX8 waterproof phone case accommodates almost every type of smartphone from Samsung to HTC to iPhones and can be taken down to depths of 10 feet.
  • RELAX NEAR WATER - Take your phone swimming with you thanks to this waterproof case. Made for men and women. Water-resistant & waterproof, this bag opens up a world of freedom for your phone & make the journey to the lake or the pooled risk and damage free.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & ROOMY - At 6.7 tall and nearly 4 wide it has enough room to hold a bit of cash and a credit card or two with most phone models.
  • CONVENIENT & SECURE - The bag unseals at the top with two pivoting levers sliding out to block or in to unlock. The grippy clear plastic bag is strong enough to withstand your phone being scratched by keys in your pocket and does not restrict access to any buttons.
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