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VITCHELO® Manual Reverse Folding Umbrella with 54" Canopy and C-Shaped Handle

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Latest Umbrella Design Stops Water Dripping on You by Opening Backwards.

If you are familiar with the performance art that involves holding an umbrella above your car door in an attempt to avoid scratching your paint, while fiddling with the clunky closing mechanism, a reverse folding umbrella is exactly what you need.

Basically, by turning the traditional umbrella upside down and inside out, the reversible mechanism of this umbrella forms a waterproof cone when closed. This provides 2 benefits: First, it makes getting in and out of your car or doorway simple and practical, without getting wet. Then, when you’re inside, this cone will keep wetness in the interior and prevent dripping on your floor.

Extremely easy and convenient to use, the umbrella features a C shape handle that ensures handless manipulation, a swift manual opening, heavy-duty, water-repellent & anti-UV materials, and has, at its core, a vented dual layered canopy with two overlapping layers built to prevent possible inversion damage that could otherwise be sustained from blocking strong winds.

The umbrella boasts a density of up to 210T in its fabrics and expands to reveal an ample 54 inches protective canopy, big enough to provide full shelter from the sun & downpours. Its lengthy, textured handle is easy to grip for hands of all sizes and its carry bag facilitates carrying the umbrella out and about thanks its portable shoulder strap.

Suitable for men and women, with a nicer finish and made from more premium materials, this upside down umbrella, self-standing, inverted-close umbrella is a necessary tool for providing UV protection at the golf course & in the outdoors. Available in black, red, gray, green, it will keep you dry like a normal umbrella—except in reverse.

What To Remember:

  • INVERTED DESIGN - A necessary tool for your car and outdoor travel, this unique, ergonomic & reversible umbrella allows you to enter cars & homes without emptying rain drops all over you and the floor.
  • C-SHAPE HANDLE - Stylish, easy-to-grab, the one-size-fits-all rubber-coated c-handle provides for completely handless operation. As it leans against your body, it frees your hands to hold other objects when you're out and about.
  • EASY TO OPERATE & SAFE TO USE - With a simple click of the embedded button, the umbrella expands to reveal a large 54 inches diameter double canopy that protects your torso & head from precipitation in all but the windiest of conditions. And since it opens & closes upward, it removes the danger of poking passers-by in the head or the eyes.
  • COMPACT & WINDPROOF - Reinforced by fiberglass, the ribs are unbreakable and withstand high winds. The carbon fiber shaft enhances its overall robustness & places these umbrellas above the competition in terms of durability & resistance to harsh weather conditions.
  • DRIP FREE & PRACTICAL - For convenient placement, the umbrella includes a practical sheath, or case, to cover & store it away. The built-in iron shots allow it to stand up on its own so that water can drain & keep the wet part inside once you've closed it.

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