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VITCHELO® Headlamp w/ Red Led for Hunting Camping Running

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Why The New VITCHELO® V800 PLUS Headlamp Is Better Than The Competition.

There's nothing better than enjoying the great outdoors, but if you're a night owl you understand just how dark it can get when you're out in the woods away from town. That's not the time to have an under powered and under performing light!

Whether reading a book long past your bedtime or getting a clear look at whatever is making noise while moving towards your tent, you need a headlamp that is versatile, reliable, and gets the job done!

Our V800 Plus headlamp flashlight is the best of its kind! We take pride in providing our customers with a product that goes above and beyond and leaves the competition in the dust.

You don't want to settle for second rate equipment, which is why you need to take a serious look at the amazing design, quality, and features that come with the new V800 Plus Headlamp.

Our Head Lamp:

- Includes both narrow and wide lights
- Dimmable light option to save battery life (available in narrow and wide mode)
- Lockout feature prevents battery drain when not in use
- Accepts both rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries
- Two separate buttons to control white and red lights
- Red led light that helps preserve night vision
- Touch activated BOOST mode to bring lamp to full brightness with a simple touch
- Easy to see battery level indicator so you know when batteries are running low and more!

N.B. Wide light allows you to handle general close-up camp tasks without worrying about sight lines while the spot or focused light allows for long distance viewing. Look for what's rustling in the bushes or even navigate that hiking trail at night.


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- High Quality Prime Materials frequently inspected and tested.

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What To Remember:

  • SPEND MORE TIME OUTSIDE with family, friends, or even by yourself. Spending time outside leads to a healthier life and happier family - whether you’re hiking, biking, camping, walking your dog, jogging or just spending time in your yard. With this headlamp, you can be outside safely and securely!
  • SEE IN THE DARK NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE with the VITCHELO® V800 PLUS LED spotlight and floodlight head lamp. See details at a distance up to 110 meters and 2 modes - red or white lights. (Red lights preserve night vision) Includes dimmer function too!
  • NEVER BE LEFT IN THE DARK AGAIN with LOCKOUT FEATURE to prevent accidental battery drain. COMPATIBLE WITH RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES. Tested to provide up to 120 hours of lighting.
  • PERFECT FOR ANY EMERGENCY - hands-free, waterproof, portable and battery operated makes this the perfect addition to your bug out bag. Buy an extra for your vehicle/glove compartment.
  • EACH PURCHASE GIVES CLEAN WATER to people in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Agua Yaku provides sustainable, clean water to those who desperately need it, and every VITCHELO brand purchase gives equipment and financial support! Give back every time you buy.
  • 60 days MONEY BACK guarantee, LIFETIME limited WARRANTY, NO HASSLE, and NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED returns!

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We Care Then We Are!

Do you think you’re not spending enough quality time with family and friends? Would you like to escape the 9 to 5 grind time to time? Are you not feeling alive? If you answer YES to one or more of those 3 questions, we can help.

VITCHELO® is on a mission to get you outside so you can spend more time with friends and family, escape your daily routine, re-connect with Mother Nature, in other words: Feel Alive.

That’s why we are building comfortable and easy to use solutions to solve your biggest outdoor recreation issues. You might not know where to go, how and what to pack, you might also have concerns about safety, comfortability, food, hygiene, etc. It does not matter, we have or are developing something that will absolutely make your camping and hiking experience more enjoyable.

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