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 You are now FREE to FEEL ALIVE. Get Outside!


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People just weren't meant to spend their whole lives indoors. VITCHELO® is for everyone out there, like you, who know deep inside that life is not lived only within a 100-km radius of the home or office, but it is lived outside, within driving distance of a park or camping ground, or within thousands of miles where the world is waiting for you to embrace it.

That’s why we believe, time to time, you should escape the 9-to-5 grind in order to reward and recharge yourself, spend more quality time with family and friends, reconnect with nature… In other words: Feeling Alive.

So we strive to provide you good quality, affordable, comfortable and easy to use camping and hiking gear that support your outdoor adventure and contribute to memorable experiences.

The VITCHELO® Blog offers "How-Tos", tips, and educational columns on ways to build and cultivate an outdoor lifestyle, along with special monthly giveaways and contests.

What VITCHELO® Stands for...

Our Mission

VITCHELO® mission is to get you outside more, we want you to feel more alive.

Our Core Values

Drive by the #WeCareThereforeWeAre philosophy, we work relentlessly to build a reputation for care ness, which our strong following on social media and ever growing customer base are undeniable proofs.

We want to meet or go beyond your expectations each single time, that’s one of the reasons why we offer YOU LIFETIME limited WARRANTY for exchange or repair on your gear.

In a nutshell, our core values are as follow:

Our Company Culture

If you would like to get in touch with our team, we kindly invite you to join us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or Pinterest. You can also contact us by using our online help desk.

Thank you for your time, we would not have been here without your unconditional support.

Best regards!

James Lissaint
Co-founder & CEO